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zakk informations

...zakk is an uncommercial, selforganized club in bremen, germany.

...(mostly) opened between tuesdays to saturdays (probably at 10 p.m.)

...a public meeting for coordination of projects and events takes place usually each last thursday at zakk. for email-requests use:

... the zakk is located at sielpfad 11@kreuzstraße, bremen-ostertor.

... the closest tram-stop is "sielwall" (lines 2,3 and 10). follow the street sielwall till the kreuzstraße on the right handside. go into the kreuzstraße, at the first crossing you can find the zakk. a usual club, you have to ring at the entry ;)

zakk contakt

...verein für aktion, kultur und kommunikation e.v. | sielpfad 11 | 28303 bremen |

...admin contact:

ulf treger (3+x)

website: v4.0, juli.2003

zakk archive

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zakk list

...we provide a public mailinglist for dates and announcements.

...list subscription:


technical informations

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